Sunday, July 27, 2008


Pasta Serving Bowl:

Small Pasta Bowls:

These gorgeous bowls are in equally lovely hat boxes:

Also, Feed on the Word dishes have brand new accent plates!!!

They come in red:

And in black:

*dishes shown are a mixed assortment, not in a set*

These accent plates come in beautiful little hat boxes:

*black hat box lid not shown*

These will be for sale on our website as soon as Gracy *that's me* puts
them on! They should be on there by this evening (Monday the 28th)!
*Pictures by Gracy*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hospitable Slippers & Zucchini Bread

Daughter #1 (my sister) is in North Africa! She writes--

"I'm staying at a tiny apartment with a neat family. They are SO hospitable... it is quite impressive... they have a basket of old slippers at the door for guests to wear around the house... how sweet is that???"

It's neat that such a tiny gesture such as keeping slippers at the door for guests can bless someone in such an enormous way. It just shows that it's not the item, it's the heart of the giver, the mindset of serving others before oneself, that truly shines through.

Sister and Daughter #1 didn't give us a photo of these hospitable slippers, but Mom and I decided we would include a picture of what our equivalent might be:

Also, I'm including a recipe (and a picture) of a lovely recipe for Spiced Zucchini Bread that I made today-- it's very easy, and is delicious!

Spiced Zucchini Bread
15.4-oz. pkg. nut bread mix
1 egg
1 t. Pumpkin pie spice
2/3 c. milk
2 T. oil
1 C. zucchini, shredded

Combine all ingredients except zucchini in a bowl; mix until well blended. Fold in zucchini. Pour into a 9"x5" loaf pan that has been greased on the bottom only. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 to 55 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Makes one loaf.

I am now completely stuffed. After enjoying a delicious dinner and a piece of that bread, I think I'm completely ready to enjoy a peaceful evening at home.
Oh, wait-- not yet!
*Runs to the door and puts on a pair of hospitable slippers*
NOW I'm ready.

-gracy, gayle's daughter #2